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A Rust library for working with Bitcoin SV

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0.1.11 Jan 25, 2019
0.1.10 Jan 23, 2019
0.1.4 Dec 8, 2018

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MIT license



A library to build Bitcoin SV applications in Rust.



  • P2P protocol messages (construction and serialization)
  • Address encoding and decoding
  • Transaction signing
  • Script evaluation
  • Node connections and basic message handling
  • Wallet key derivation and mnemonic parsing
  • Mainnet and testnet support
  • Various Bitcoin primitives


Add sv = "0.1" to Cargo.toml


Rust nightly is required for documentation due to a bug fix which has not yet made it to stable.

Run ./configure once to setup nightly.

Known limitations

This library should not be used for consensus code because its validation checks are incomplete.

Comparison with other Rust libraries

rust-bitcoin - rust-sv has no ties to rust-bitcoin. This library can do everything rust-bitcoin can do and more for Bitcoin SV.

parity-bitcoin - The parity Bitcoin client is a full node in Rust. Its code is more full-featured and also more complex.

bitcrust - The bitcrust project is strong in some areas and lacking in others. The two projects could be used together.


rust-sv is licensed under the MIT license.


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