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sq, the Sequoia-PGP command line tool

Sequoia-PGP is an implementation of OpenPGP in Rust. It includes a suite of library crates, which are meant to be used from applications. This crate provides the sq command line application. sq is aimed at command line users as a way to use OpenPGP conveniently from the command line.

See the sq user guide for instructions. The program also has built-in help, using the --help option and help subcommand:

$ sq help

You can also browse the manual pages, look at our acceptance criteria, and browse the rustdoc output if you want to learn about the implementation.


The sq tool can be installed using cargo:

cargo install sequoia-sq

Please see sequoia-openpgp's README for how to install build dependencies on your system.

Building from source

This crate can be built from a source checkout using the standard cargo toolchain:

cargo build

The above creates the sq executable, the manual pages, and its shell completions. By default, the manual pages and shell completions are put into the cargo target directory, but the exact location is unpredictable. To write the assets to a predictable location, set the environment variable ASSET_OUT_DIR to a suitable location.


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