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A soft key (in-memory key) backend for Sequoia's private key store

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A soft key (in-memory key) backend for Sequoia's private key store.

The sequoia-keystore crate implements a server that manages secret key material. Secret key material can be stored in files, on hardware devices like smartcards, or accessed via the network. sequoia-keystore doesn't implement these access methods. This is taken care of by various backends.

This crate includes a backend that provides access to secret key material stored in files. These are called soft keys in contrast to keys managed by a separate piece of hardware.

If the keystore is configured to use .local/share/sequoia as its data directory, then the soft key backend uses .local/share/sequoia/keystore/softkeys. Specifically, it iterates over the files in that directory, and looks for binary encoded or ASCII-armor encoded OpenPGP certificates in files ending with .pgp or .asc; other files are silently ignored.

$ ls .local/share/sequoia/keystore/softkeys/
1234.pgp  1234.pgp.rev  alice.pgp  alice.pgp.rev  F44B66C85C9B7B02AF2D52FDEFF613897AD9CE21.pgp


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