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Version Stamping Tool (Rust Edition)

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A Rust package and command line tool for updating version information in ANY type of project.

  • Define which files need to be updated
  • Three types of actions; update in place, create or copy in existing files
  • Use regular expressions to find and replace content in existing files
  • Store and insert other information in addition to versions, such as copyrights, etc..
  • Fully customize the type of version update operations that you want for your project
  • Supports any type of versioning scheme that you wish to use


Releasing a new project typically involves:

  • Updating version numbers in package.json, Cargo.toml, plus any source code files
  • Creating Git tags with version numbers
  • Building and ensuring all tests pass
  • Pushing changes to a cloud source repository, e.g. GitHub, GitLab, etc..
  • Publishing the newly minted and versioned package to a cloud package repository.

All of the above steps can be simplified with the use of this tool.

To use the tool for your project, simply:

  1. Place a version.json5 file in your project root that:
    • Describes the files that hold version numbers in your project
    • Which of the three actions (update, write or copy-in) to perform on each file
    • The types of version update operations you want to perform (incrMajor, incrMinor, etc..)
  2. Run stampver as part of your project's release script

Once you start using stampver you will be able to copy the version.json5 file in from another project and tweak it slightly in order to get set up quickly.

Command Line

The command line tool stampver is included in this crate using the cli feature flag, which is installed by default.

    stampver [OPTIONS] [OPERATION]

    <OPERATION>    The versioning operation to perform

    -h, --help                  Print help information
    -i, --input <INPUT_FILE>    Specify the version file explicitly
    -u, --update                Actually do the update
    -V, --version               Print version information

The tool will describe the actions that it is taking on each file so you can check that it is doing what you expect.


This package uses the evalexpr to provide the ability to customize the different calculations and operations. All functions are available as described in the evalexpr except the regex functions. stampver adds the following variables/functions:

Identifier Argument Amount Argument Types Description
now::year 0 Current UTC year
now::month 0 Current UTC month
now::day 0 Current UTC day of the month
if 3 Boolean/Any/Any If expression a is true then the value of b, else the value of c

stampver uses the Regex crate for regular expressions. You can use the amazing Regex101 site to develop and test your own regular expressions. Use the PCRE2 flavor of regular expressions for the most compatability with the Regex crate.

Schema File Format

Here's an annotated schema file format:

  vars: {
    major: 3,
    minor: 0,
    patch: 0,
    build: 20210902,
    revision: 0,
    sequence: 6,
    buildType: "test",
    debug: true,
  calcVars: {
    nextBuild: "now::year * 10000 + now::month * 100 + now::day",
    nextSequence: "sequence + 1",
  operations: {
    incrMajor: "major += 1; minor = 0; patch = 0; revision = 0; build = nextBuild",
    incrMinor: "minor += 1; patch = 0; revision = 0; build = nextBuild",
    incrPatch: "patch += 1; revision = 0; build = nextBuild",
    incrRevision: "revision += 1; build = nextBuild",
    incrSequence: "sequence += 1",
    setBetaBuild: 'buildType = "beta"',
    setProdBuild: 'buildType = "prod"',
  targets: [
      description: "JavaScript Files",
      files: ["src/version.js"],
      updates: [
          search: '^(?P<begin>\\s*export\\s*const\\s*version\\s*=\\s*")\\d+\\.\\d+\\.\\d+(?P<end>";?)$',
          replace: 'begin + str::from(major) + "." + str::from(minor) + "." + str::from(patch) + end',
          search: '^(?P<begin>\\s*export\\s*const\\s*fullVersion\\s*=\\s*")\\d+\\.\\d+\\.\\d+\\+\\d+\\.\\d+(?P<end>";?)$',
          replace: 'begin + str::from(major) + "." + str::from(minor) + "." + str::from(patch) + "+" + str::from(build) + "." + str::from(revision) + end',
      description: "Git Version Tag",
      files: ["scratch/version.tag.txt"],
      write: 'str::from(major) + "." + str::from(minor) + "." + str::from(patch)',
      description: "iOS PList",
      files: ["some-file.plist"],
      copyFrom: '"src/some-file" + if(buildType == "test", "-test", "-prod") + ".plist"',

Because the format is JSON5 and a superset of JSON you can freely use comments. It is recommended to use Prettier or equivalent. This is not just to keep your file nicely formatted, but also because stampver needs to update the file it might get confused if the formatting is too different from the above.

The 4 main sections are as follows.


This is where the version information lives, so in effect it is a simple version information database for you project. This is also the only section that the tool rewrites when version information is updated. It does it such a way as to preserve comments, but the tool does expect the layout to be like the example above.


These are any variables that need to get generated each time the tool runs. This can include things like a build number that is based on the date, or a nextSequence number. The values in this section are merged with the vars, so be wary of naming conflicts.


These are the different version operations for your project. incrMajor, incrMinor, incrPatch are typical operations, but you can add whatever makes sense for your project.


targets is a array of objects containing a description, an array of files to update and then an action which must be exactly one of:

  • updates - An array of { search: , replace: } objects. search is a regular expression. It can contain at most two optional capture groups that must be called begin and end. These can be used in the replace substitution string.
  • write - Writes content to the target files. The content is an expression.
  • copyFrom - Copies a file from another file, relative to the location of the version.json5 file. The name of the other file is an expression.


This package is distributed under the terms of the Unlicense license. See the UNLICENSE file for details.


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