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Parse JSON5 into nodes that retain both JSON value and input file location

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Uses new Rust 2021

0.1.3 Nov 27, 2021

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This Rust library parses JSON5 into JsonNode structures that contain the JSON value and the location of the data in the original string. This allows you to use JSON5 as a configuration format and refer back to the location of semantic errors in the original JSON5 as opposed to just reporting syntactic errors when reading the file.


We use IndexHashMap instead of a plain HashMap because JavaScript mostly preserves the order of insertion into objects. This libraries JSON5 parser currently only allows string based keys, so the rules are simplified.

To Do

This library is a work in progress. The following are some things that still need to be done:

  • Get closer to 100% code coverage with the unit tests.
  • Rewrite the hex conversions to avoid the pathological Err cases; the values are already parsed to be valid input.
  • Ensure that what's read by parse can be written back out in stringify with full fidelity. In particular escape codes are not handled at all.
  • A better README!


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