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app spectrodraw

A utility for converting images into audio files which will regenerate the image in a spectrogram

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0.1.0 Jan 25, 2022

MIT and LGPL-3.0

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Spectrodraw is a command line utility for turning images into audio files. When these audio files are passed through a spectrogram, it will recreate the original image.

Original image:

Generate audio file: spectrodraw -- amogus.png amogus.wav

Output wav file:

Generate spectrogram: audioprism amogus.wav out.png

Output spectrogram:

Spectrodraw has command line arguments to fine-tune most attributes. It also features optional morse code identification (useful for ham radio transmissions) and repetition of the output.


If you have cargo, install with cargo install spectrodraw.

If you don't have cargo, download the binary file from the CI artifact.


~116K SLoC