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A planning poker app, mostly developed to learn Rust

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solitaire is a work in progress...

Running as a client application or shared server, solitaire has a focus on performance, correctness, and developer comfort.

See installing.md for installation guidance. After installing, run solitaire -h to get started.

See scripts.md for available tools for building, running, and packaging the app.


solitaire splits its code into several library crates:

  • solitaire-assets: Contains embedded static files intended to be served from the web application
  • solitaire-client: Run in the client's browser as a WebAssembly package, includes templates
  • solitaire-controllers: Contains actix-web HTTP controllers, usually calling methods from solitaire-service
  • solitaire-core: Contains definitions that are shared between server and client
  • solitaire-service: Contains the primary logic for the application. It receives RequestMessages and emits ResponseMessages
  • solitaire-templates: Contains Maud templates used by the server to render responses
  • solitaire: Stored in the root of the project, this is the app's main library and binary


The project currently exclusively uses the filesystem for saved data, no database is involved.


By default, solitaire stores config files in your system's user configuration directory.

  • macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/solitaire
  • Linux: ~/.config/solitaire
  • Windows: %APPDATA%/solitaire/solitaire


profile/*: User profile information


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