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Put your app’s data in the right place on every platform – maintained fork

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Put your app's data in the right place on every platform


This is a fork!

The original app_dirs crate appears essentially unmaintained by now, so I have made this fork with the intent of making sure that it is at least maintained and that bugs stay fixed so we can have something to rely on. I don't intend to do any major rearchitecting or updating, but bugs will get fixed and builds will succeed.

If you want to help maintain this, open an issue or such and we can work something out. This is a community-maintained project. If you want to help maintain it, open an issue. Maintainers are expected to be polite, responsive and generally sane; the priority is to keep vital infrastructure working, so there's no one-person bottleneck for this project again.

An alternative might be the directories crate, but when we have existing code that relies on this, forking app_dirs is easier than porting.

Documentation & examples



Add the following to your Cargo.toml under [dependencies]:

app_dirs2 = "2"