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Solana SDK

Use the Solana SDK Crate to write client side applications in Rust. If writing on-chain programs, use the Solana Program Crate instead.

More information about Solana is available in the Solana documentation.

The Solana Program Library provides examples of how to use this crate.

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The Solana host and client SDK.

This is the base library for all off-chain programs that interact with Solana or otherwise operate on Solana data structures. On-chain programs instead use the solana-program crate, the modules of which are re-exported by this crate, like the relationship between the Rust core and std crates. As much of the functionality of this crate is provided by solana-program, see that crate's documentation for an overview.

Many of the modules in this crate are primarily of use to the Solana runtime itself. Additional crates provide capabilities built on solana-sdk, and many programs will need to link to those crates as well, particularly for clients communicating with Solana nodes over RPC.

Such crates include:


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