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Custom fork of Songbird for KenaBot

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0.4.0 Feb 13, 2024

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skua-voice (custom songbird fork)

Skua is a fork of Songbird, an async, cross-library compatible voice system for Discord, written in Rust. The library offers:

  • A standalone gateway frontend compatible with skua and twilight using the "gateway" and "[skua/twilight]" plus "[rustls/native]" features. You can even run driverless, to help manage your lavalink sessions.
  • A standalone driver for voice calls, via the "driver" feature. If you can create a ConnectionInfo using any other gateway, or language for your bot, then you can run the songbird voice driver.
  • Voice receive and RT(C)P packet handling via the "receive" feature.
  • SIMD-accelerated JSON decoding via the "simd-json" feature.
  • And, by default, a fully featured voice system featuring events, queues, seeking on compatible streams, shared multithreaded audio stream caches, and direct Opus data passthrough from DCA files.


Songbird's gateway functionality requires you to specify the GUILD_VOICE_STATES intent.

Codec support

Songbird supports all codecs and formats provided by Symphonia (pure-Rust), with Opus support provided by audiopus (an FFI wrapper for libopus).

By default, Songbird will not request any codecs from Symphonia. To change this, in your own project you will need to depend on Symphonia as well.

# Including songbird alone gives you support for Opus via the DCA file format.
version = "0.4"
features = ["builtin-queue"]

# To get additional codecs, you *must* add Symphonia yourself.
# This includes the default formats (MKV/WebM, Ogg, Wave) and codecs (FLAC, PCM, Vorbis)...
version = "0.5.2"
features = ["aac", "mp3", "isomp4", "alac"] # ...as well as any extras you need!


Songbird needs a few system dependencies before you can use it.

  • Opus - Audio codec that Discord uses. audiopus will use installed libopus binaries if available via pkgconf on Linux/MacOS, otherwise you will need to install cmake to build opus from source. This is always the case on Windows. For Unix systems, you can install the library with apt install libopus-dev on Ubuntu or pacman -S opus on Arch Linux. If you do not have it installed it will be built for you. However, you will need a C compiler and the GNU autotools installed. Again, these can be installed with apt install build-essential autoconf automake libtool m4 on Ubuntu or pacman -S base-devel on Arch Linux.

This is a required dependency. Songbird cannot work without it.

  • yt-dlp / youtube-dl / (similar forks) - Audio/Video download tool. yt-dlp can be installed according to the installation instructions on the main repo. You can install youtube-dl with Python's package manager, pip, which we recommend for youtube-dl. You can do it with the command pip install youtube_dl. Alternatively, you can install it with your system's package manager, apt install youtube-dl on Ubuntu or pacman -S youtube-dl on Arch Linux.

This is an optional dependency for users, but is required as a dev-dependency. It allows Songbird to download audio/video sources from the Internet from a variety of webpages, which it will convert to the Opus audio format Discord uses.


Full examples showing various types of functionality and integrations can be found in [this crate's examples directory].


If you want to help out or file an issue, please look over our contributor guidelines!


Songbird's logo is based upon the copyright-free image "Black-Capped Chickadee" by George Gorgas White.


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