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no-std crypto_secretbox

Pure Rust implementation of the XSalsa20Poly1305 (a.k.a. NaCl crypto_secretbox) authenticated encryption cipher as well as the libsodium variant of XChaCha20Poly1305

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RustCrypto: crypto_secretbox

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crypto_secretbox is an authenticated symmetric encryption cipher amenable to fast, constant-time implementations in software, combining either the Salsa20 stream cipher (with XSalsa20 192-bit nonce extension) or ChaCha20 stream cipher with the Poly1305 universal hash function, which acts as a message authentication code.

This algorithm has largely been replaced by the newer IETF variant of ChaCha20Poly1305 (and the associated XChaCha20Poly1305) AEAD ciphers (RFC 8439), but is useful for interoperability with legacy NaCl-based protocols.


Security Warning

No security audits of this crate have ever been performed, and it has not been thoroughly assessed to ensure its operation is constant-time on common CPU architectures.



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