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A simple script for automating the setting of a wallpaper on Sway/Wayland or X11.

For X11, it assumes you have hsetroot installed.


Usage: setwall [OPTIONS]

Optional arguments:
  -h, --help

Available commands:
  set     Set a specific image file as the background.
  random  Choose a random image file from a given directory.
  • Specify -c/--comp to pick an output compositor. -c sway will use swaybg to replace your Sway background, while the default -c x11 will use hsetroot.
  • Specify -o/--output to pick a Sway output or X screen if using X11. If this flag is missing, the image will be applied to all screens.
  • Specify -k/--keep to prevent the existing swaybg from being closed.

For instance:

setwall random ~/Pictures -c sway -o DP-2 -o DP-3 -o HDMI-A-1

X11 Automation

If you have a custom .xinitrc, you can set this line:

/home/YOU/.cargo/bin/setwall random /home/YOU/backgrounds/

Assuming you have a directory full of images at that path. Every time you log in, you'll have a different wallpaper!


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