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Asynchronous, multithreaded serial port communication library using mpsc::cjhannels or async-channels for efficient data handling

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Serial Async Multithread Library

serial-thread is a Rust library designed to facilitate serial port communication in a multithreaded environment. It leverages asynchronous/mpsc channels for efficient handling of serial data, suitable for applications that require concurrent processing of serial port input/output.

This lib is in early development stage, API not yet clearly defined and breaking changes will happen in upcoming releases.


  • Asynchronous Communication: Utilizes std::sync::mpsc::chanels or async-channels (feature flag) for non-blocking serial port communication.
  • Multithreaded Support: Designed to work efficiently in a multithreaded context.
  • Custom Serial Configurations: Supports various configurations such as baud rate, character size, and flow control.
  • Error Handling: Comprehensive error handling for robust application development.


Add this to your Cargo.toml:

serial-thread = "0.0.7"


cargo add serial_thread


A usage example can be found in /src/example


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