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Store and search through the content you have seen

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0.1.0-alpha.1 Jan 16, 2023

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Have you ever tried to recall an interesting article you had read but you could only remember a few keywords and background color of the web page? Or that it was very long? Or that you read it one winter evening? Seen can help you find it again!


At the moment, nothing really works properly. Better do not use it yet.


Only basic form of the features is available now.

  • Download and index web page
  • Specify tags
  • Search by content, tags, time and domain
  • Display content of indexed web pages
  • Export indexed pages to static website
  • Store indexed web pages as PDF and image
  • Index speech in videos
  • Index text in images
  • Fire-and-forget indexing
  • Expose interface for web browser extensions
  • Search by other attributes (colors, language, length, …)

Try now

fossil clone https://jirijakes.com/code/seen
cd seen
cargo install --path .
seen add -t personality https://www.maxcountryman.com/articles/grow-in-public
seen search team
seen search "tag:personality"
seen list
seen get <UUID>


~1.5M SLoC