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Small library to fetch info about a web page: title, description, language, HTTP info, links, RSS feeds, Opengraph, Schema.org, and more

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1.4.0 Dec 12, 2021
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Small library to fetch info about a web page: title, description, language, HTTP info, links, RSS feeds, Opengraph, Schema.org, and more


use webpage::{Webpage, WebpageOptions};

let info = Webpage::from_url("http://www.rust-lang.org/en-US/", WebpageOptions::default())
    .expect("Could not read from URL");

// the HTTP transfer info
let http = info.http;

assert_eq!(http.ip, "".to_string());
assert!(http.body.starts_with("<!DOCTYPE html>"));
assert_eq!(http.url, "https://www.rust-lang.org/en-US/".to_string()); // followed redirects (HTTPS)
assert_eq!(http.content_type, "text/html".to_string());

// the parsed HTML info
let html = info.html;

assert_eq!(html.title, Some("The Rust Programming Language".to_string()));
assert_eq!(html.description, Some("A systems programming language that runs blazingly fast, prevents segfaults, and guarantees thread safety.".to_string()));
assert_eq!(html.opengraph.og_type, "website".to_string());

You can also get HTML info about local data:

use webpage::HTML;
let html = HTML::from_file("index.html", None);
// or let html = HTML::from_string(input, None);



If you need to be able to serialize the data provided by the library using serde, you can include specify the serde feature while declaring your dependencies in Cargo.toml:

webpage = { version = "2.0", features = ["serde"] }

No curl dependency

The curl feature is enabled by default but is optional. This is useful if you do not need a HTTP client but already have the HTML data at hand.

All fields

pub struct Webpage {
    pub http: HTTP, // info about the HTTP transfer
    pub html: HTML, // info from the parsed HTML doc

pub struct HTTP {
    pub ip: String,
    pub transfer_time: Duration,
    pub redirect_count: u32,
    pub content_type: String,
    pub response_code: u32,
    pub headers: Vec<String>, // raw headers from final request
    pub url: String, // effective url
    pub body: String,

pub struct HTML {
    pub title: Option<String>,
    pub description: Option<String>,

    pub url: Option<String>, // canonical url
    pub feed: Option<String>, // RSS feed typically

    pub language: Option<String>, // as specified, not detected
    pub text_content: String, // all tags stripped from body
    pub links: Vec<Link>, // all links in the document

    pub meta: HashMap<String, String>, // flattened down list of meta properties

    pub opengraph: Opengraph,
    pub schema_org: Vec<SchemaOrg>,

pub struct Link {
    pub url: String, // resolved url of the link
    pub text: String, // anchor text

pub struct Opengraph {
    pub og_type: String,
    pub properties: HashMap<String, String>,

    pub images: Vec<Object>,
    pub videos: Vec<Object>,
    pub audios: Vec<Object>,

// Facebook's Opengraph structured data
pub struct OpengraphObject {
    pub url: String,
    pub properties: HashMap<String, String>,

// Google's schema.org structured data
pub struct SchemaOrg {
    pub schema_type: String,
    pub value: serde_json::Value,


The following HTTP configurations are available:

pub struct WebpageOptions {
    allow_insecure: false,
    follow_location: true,
    max_redirections: 5,
    timeout: Duration::from_secs(10),
    useragent: "Webpage - Rust crate - https://crates.io/crates/webpage".to_string(),
    headers: vec!["X-My-Header: 1234".to_string()],

// usage
let mut options = WebpageOptions::default();
options.allow_insecure = true;
let info = Webpage::from_url(&url, options).expect("Halp, could not fetch");


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