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Ghost in the Shell inspired screen saver for ScreenRuster

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0.2.1 Jan 4, 2020
0.2.0 Jun 12, 2019
0.1.3 Mar 22, 2017
0.1.2 Aug 20, 2016
0.1.0 Jul 21, 2016

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ScreenRuster: Ghost in the Shell

A screen saver inspired by Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.


Laughing Man


The settings allow to change the screen blur behavior and the laughing man behavior.


The blur is implemented with a multi-pass 9-tap filter with predefined gaussian weights.

  • max specifies the maximum radius of the blur to reach.
  • step specifies how much to increase the current blur radius on every tick.
  • count specifies the number of blur passes to perform.


The laughing man is composed of two pictures, one for the face and one for the text, the text is rotated appropriately then the face is rendered on top.

  • rotate specifies the number of degrees to increase the text rotation every tick.
  • scale is the size of the laughing man.


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