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An opinionated formatting and linting tool for foundry projects

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A simple and opinionated tool designed to for basic formatting/linting of Solidity and TOML code in foundry projects.


Solidity formatting uses the configuration in foundry.toml, and TOML formatting has a hardcoded configuration.

Formatting and checking does the following:

  • Runs forge fmt to format Solidity.
  • Uses the taplo crate to format TOML.
  • Validates test names follow a convention of test(Fork)?(Fuzz)?_(Revert(If_|When_){1})?\w{1,}.
  • Validates constants and immutables are in ALL_CAPS.
  • Validates function names and visibility in forge scripts to 1 public run method per script.
  • Validates internal functions in src/ start with a leading underscore.


  • Install with cargo install scopelint.
  • Format code with scopelint fmt.
  • Validate formatting with scopelint check.
  • Print the version with scopelint --version.
  • Use the ScopeLift foundry template to automatically run scopelint and slither in CI.


  1. This tool is currently opinionated and does not let you configure it's behavior.
  2. It's regex-based, so it may not be perfect—for example, it doesn't care that code is commented out.


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