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Play wordle and nerdle in your terminal

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0.1.0 Apr 7, 2022

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Play wordle and nerdle in the terminal.


You can install the package directly from cargo cargo install rustle-game


These will move to (Github Issues)[https://github.com/tylerthecoder/rustle/issues]

  • Add divide to the equation gen
    • The challenge here is the output of mul(a,b) is not continuous like add(a,b) is
    • Might just have to skip the times where it messes up because of this
  • Turn into an executable (rustle) with options -n to play nerdle -l for length of word/equation
  • Cache some of the functions. Output bounds of a equation structure is always the same. This may only need to be done if the program is noticeably slow.
  • Deploy by having a place to curl from my website (curl files.tylertracy.com/rustle | bash)


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