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app rsflex

A super fast system information displayer written in Rust

2 unstable releases

0.3.0 Feb 17, 2021
0.2.3 Oct 20, 2020

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Rsflex (Rust Flex)

System information tool like neofetch but it's much faster.


I chose to use a suckless method of configuration in the file src/main.rs you'll see an easy macro api that allows quite a lot of customisation

If you want to add a new logo, you can do so in the src/logo.rs file



Rsflex is available on the Arhc User Repository as rsflex-git:

yay -S rsflex-git

B) Cargo


  • rustup - Modern installation of Rust.
  • Arch Or Void Linux (these are the only ones supported)
  • ttf-nerd-fonts-symbols - Nerd fonts to render the fancy icons
  • lspci - Command via pciutils
  • df - Command via coreutils
  • xrandr - Command via xorg-xrandr
  • uname - Command via coreutils
  • playerctl - To read MPRIS status

On Arch Linux, these can all be installed with:

yay -S pciutils coreutils xorg-xrandr playerctl ttf-nerd-fonts-symbols cargo

Note: These dependencies are only needed if installed via Cargo, they are included automatically with the AUR package above.

cargo install rsflex



git clone https://github.com/curlpipe/rsflex
cd rsflex
cargo build --release


cargo run --release

Install as a binary:

cargo install --path .

Have fun! :)


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