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This provides a few CLI binder tools for Linux

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This crate provides CLI tools for Linux. While Android has several tools prepared for binder IPC, additional tools are required to use Binder IPC in Linux.


This is a utility that helps with the initialization of the Linux binder environment.

The following command creates the /dev/binderfs/binder device file, and the user can specify the file name.

$ sudo target/debug/rsb_device binder

rsb_device uses the binderfs feature of kernel to create a new binder device file. rsb_device requires root privileges and performs the following tasks:

  • Create a /dev/binderfs folder.
  • Execute the command 'mount -t binder binder /dev/binderfs'.
  • Use the ioctl feature provided by the kernel to create "/dev/binderfs/device_name".
  • Change the permissions of "/dev/binderfs/device_name" so that all users can read and write.

For detailed technical information, refer to the Linux kernel documentation.


rsb_hub is a tool designed to replace Android's service_manager.

It is implemented using the Service APIs provided by the crate rsbinder_hub. The Client APIs offered by crate rsbinder_hub facilitate communication with rsb_hub, allowing for the registration of new services and the discovery and management of existing services.


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