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This crate contains the basic functionality for interacting with Total War files

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4.2.7 Apr 3, 2024
4.2.6 Feb 16, 2024
4.2.4 Jan 23, 2024
4.2.3 Nov 24, 2023
3.99.119 Mar 4, 2023

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Rusted PackFile Manager - Lib

Rusted PackFile Manager - Lib, is a crate with functionality for manipulating different kind of files used by Total War games, and it's the backbone of the RPFM Project. It also manages Game-Specific logic, and Schemas. The file types it can edit are:

  • Anim Fragments.
  • Anim Packs.
  • Anim Tables.
  • Audio (only MP3).
  • DB Tables.
  • ESF Binaries.
  • Matched Combat Table.
  • Packs (obviously).
  • Portrait Settings (only v4).
  • Unit Variant (form Empire, Napoleon and Shogun 2).
  • Video.

For info on how to use it, check the docs, or RPFM's use of them in their repo.




This crate provides utilities to read/write multiple types of files used by Creative Assembly (CA) in Total War Games since Empire: Total War.

For information about an specific file type (support, docs, specs,...), please check their modules under the files module.

TODO: Write some examples.


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