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Rotz 👃


Fully cross platform dotfile manager and dev environment bootstrapper written in Rust.

Rust Dotfilemanager
Rust Dotfile manager
Rust Dotfile s
Rust Dot s
R ust Dots
R ots
Rot s




Rotz has three main functionalities:

  1. Linking dotfiles from a common repository to your system
  2. Installing the applications you need to start working on an new/empty machine
  3. Full Cross platform functionality See Configuration


You can install Rotz using cargo.

cargo install rotz

Other File Formats

Rotz uses yaml configuration files per default. You can also use toml or json files instead.

To use another format install Rotz using one of the following comands:

  • cargo install rotz --no-default-features --features toml
  • cargo install rotz --no-default-features --features json

Note: You can install multiple formats and rotz will auto detect the filetype.

Getting Started

If you already have a dotfiles repo you can clone it with the rotz clone command.

rotz clone git@github.com:<user>/<repo>.git

To bootstrap your dev environment use rotz install.

To link your dotfiles use rotz link.


Run rotz --help to see all commands Rotz has.


Feel free to create pull requests and issues for bugs, features or questions.


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