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Rotz πŸ‘ƒ


Fully cross platform dotfile manager and dev environment bootstrapper written in Rust.

Rust Dotfilemanager
Rust Dotfile manager
Rust Dotfile s
Rust Dot s
R ust Dots
R ots
Rot s

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Rotz has three main functionalities:

  1. Linking dotfiles from a common repository to your system
  2. Installing the applications you need to start working on an new/empty machine
  3. Full Cross platform functionality See Configuration



On Linux and MacOS you can install Rotz using Homebrew.

brew install volllly/tap/rotz


On Windows you can install Rotz using Scoop.

scoop bucket add volllly https://github.com/volllly/scoop-bucket
scoop install volllly/rotz


You can install Rotz using cargo everywhere if Rust is installed.

cargo install rotz

File Formats

Rotz uses yaml, toml or json configuration files per default.

Note: Rotz will auto detect the correct filetype.

You can install rotz with support for only one of the filetypes by using the --features flag.

  • cargo install rotz --no-default-features --features toml
  • cargo install rotz --no-default-features --features json

Installer scripts

curl -fsSL volllly.github.io/rotz/install.sh | sh
irm volllly.github.io/rotz/install.ps1 | iex

Getting Started

If you already have a dotfiles repo you can clone it with the rotz clone command.

rotz clone git@github.com:<user>/<repo>.git

To bootstrap your dev environment use rotz install.

To link your dotfiles use rotz link.


Run rotz --help to see all commands Rotz has.


Feel free to create pull requests and issues for bugs, features or questions.


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