Cargo Features

Fake has no features set by default.

fake = { version = "2.9.2", features = ["derive", "always-true-rng", "maybe-non-empty-collections", "bigdecimal", "geo", "http", "random_color", "chrono", "chrono-tz", "semver", "serde_json", "uuid", "time", "zerocopy", "glam"] }
derive = dummy

Provide derive(Dummy) macros.

always-true-rng maybe-non-empty-collections? = rand_core

Support "always true" RNGs; see and always-true tests

maybe-non-empty-collections = always-true-rng

allow to use AlwaysTrueRng to generate non-empty collections

bigdecimal = bigdecimal-rs, rust_decimal
geo = geo-types, num-traits
http = url-escape

Enables http

Affects faker::http, impls::http

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

dummy derive?
random_color implicit feature

Enables random_color ^0.6


Rust crate for generating random attractive colors

Affects faker::color, impls::color

chrono implicit feature

Enables chrono


Date and time library for Rust

Affects faker::chrono, impls::chrono

chrono-tz implicit feature

Enables chrono-tz


TimeZone implementations for chrono from the IANA database

Affects impls::chrono_tz

geo-types geo?

Affects impls::geo

semver implicit feature

Enables semver


Parser and evaluator for Cargo's flavor of Semantic Versioning

Affects impls::semver

serde_json implicit feature

Enables serde_json


A JSON serialization file format

Affects impls::serde_json

uuid implicit feature

Enables uuid


A library to generate and parse UUIDs

Affects impls::uuid

time implicit feature

Affects faker::time, impls::time

num-traits geo?
rust_decimal bigdecimal?

Affects impls::decimal

bigdecimal-rs bigdecimal?

Enables bigdecimal

Affects impls::bigdecimal

zerocopy implicit feature

Enables zerocopy


Utilities for zero-copy parsing and serialization

Affects impls::zerocopy_byteorder

rand_core always-true-rng?
glam implicit feature

Enables glam ^0.24


A simple and fast 3D math library for games and graphics

Affects impls::glam

url-escape http?