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ROS2 client library based on RustDDS

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ROS2 Client

This is a Rust native client library for ROS2. It does not link to rcl, rclcpp, or any non-Rust DDS library. RustDDS is used for communication.

Architecture Ideas

The intetion is that this is a medium-level library between lower-level DDS and a higher-level library. The (yet-to-be-written) higher-level library should provide an event loop, Actions, and possibly an async API. These are to be implemented as a separate crate on top of this one.

Example: turtle_teleop

The included example program should be able to communicate with out-of-the-box ROS2 turtlesim example.

Install ROS2 and start the simulator by ros2 run turtlesim turtlesim_node. Then run the turtle_teleop example to control the simulator.

Turtlesim screenshot

Teleop example program currently has the following keyboard commands:

  • Cursor keys: Move turtle
  • q or Ctrl-C: quit
  • r: reset simulator
  • p: change pen color (for turtle1 only)
  • a/b : spawn turtle1 / turtle2
  • A/B : kill turtle1 / turtle2
  • 1/2 : switch control between turtle1 / turtle2

Example: ros2_service_server

Install ROS2. This has been tested to work against "Galactic" release, using either eProsima FastDDS or RTI Connext DDS (rmw_connextdds, not rmw_connext_cpp).

Start server: cargo run --example=ros2_service_server

In another terminal or computer, run a client: ros2 run examples_rclpy_minimal_client client

Example: ros2_service_client

Similar to above.

Start server: ros2 run examples_rclpy_minimal_service service

Run client: cargo run --example=ros2_service_client


This is a work-in-progress.

  • ros2_rust is closest(?) to an official ROS2 client library. It links to ROS2 rcl library written in C.
  • rclrust is another ROS2 client library for Rust. It supports also ROS2 Services in addition to Topics. It links to ROS2 libraries, e.g. rcl and rmw.
  • rus2 exists, but appears to be inactive since September 2020.


Copyright 2022 Atostek Oy

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This crate is developed and open-source licensed by Atostek Oy.


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