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Replicante Agents

Replicante uses agents to interface with datastores. This repository stores the core rust agent framework as well official agents.

Code of Conduct

Our aim is to build a thriving, healthy and diverse community.
To help us get there we decided to adopt the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct for all our projects.

Any issue should be reported to stefano-pogliani by emailing conduct@replicante.io.
Unfortunately, as the community lucks members, we are unable to provide a second contact to report incidents to.
We would still encourage people to report issues, even anonymously.

In addition to the Code Of Conduct below the following documents are relevant:

Supported agents

  • Kafka 1.0+
  • MongoDB 3.0+ (Replica Set mode)
  • MongoDB 3.2+ (Sharded Cluster mode)
  • Zookeeper 3.3+

Building agents

This repo contains:

  • Base agent libraries: SDKs style libraries to build agents.

    • Rust: replicante_agent SDK crate (libs/rust/sdk).
  • Official Replicante agents:

Official agents are written in rust and built with cargo:

git clone --recursive https://github.com/replicante-io/agents.git .
cargo build --manifest-path=agents/kafka/Cargo.toml --release
cargo build --manifest-path=agents/mongodb/Cargo.toml --release
cargo build --manifest-path=agents/zookeeper/Cargo.toml --release

Container image

A docker image including most agents in this repo can be built with the following command:

# When using podman, if you want to push to hub.docker.io, use --format docker.
docker build --force-rm --tag replicanteio/agents:v$VERSION .

Agents that require external dependencies or large runtimes, for example Java, are provided as separate images:

  • For kafka use replicanteio/agent-kafka:v$VERSION

The image can be used to run any of the agents as long as a configration file is provided:

docker run --rm -it --it \
  -v "$PWD/agent-mongodb.example.yaml:/home/replicante/agent-mongodb.yaml" \
  replicanteio/agents:v0.4.1 \


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