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A collection of OpenTracing tools

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Replicante Common Crates

A collection of crates shared by replicante's workspaces.


Add this repo as a submodule to the workspace that needs it. Update the top workspace file with the needed crates if the workspace requires it.


Because this repo is meant to be a submodule inside of another workspace it comes without a Cargo.toml file.

It does have a Cargo.workspace.toml which is a workspace listing all crates. To use cargo commands from the repo root add a symlink named Cargo.toml:

ln -s Cargo.workspace.toml Cargo.toml

Code of Conduct

Our aim is to build a thriving, healthy and diverse community.
To help us get there we decided to adopt the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct for all our projects.

Any issue should be reported to stefano-pogliani by emailing conduct@replicante.io.
Unfortunately, as the community lucks members, we are unable to provide a second contact to report incidents to.
We would still encourage people to report issues, even anonymously.

In addition to the Code Of Conduct below the following documents are relevant:


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