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Independent verification system of binary packages.

rebuildctl pkgs ls example output


Arch Linux

Please see the setup instructions in the Arch Linux Wiki.


A rebuilder consists of the rebuilderd daemon and >= 1 workers:

Run rebuilderd:

cd daemon; cargo run

Run a rebuild worker:

cd worker; cargo run connect

Afterwards you should import some packages:

cd tools; cargo run pkgs sync archlinux community x86_64 'https://ftp.halifax.rwth-aachen.de/archlinux/$repo/os/$arch' --maintainer kpcyrd

The --maintainer option is optional and allows you to rebuild packages by a specific maintainer only.

To show the current status of our imported packages run:

cd tools; cargo run pkgs ls

To inspect the queue run:

cd tools; cargo run queue ls


Debian: pkg-config liblzma-dev libssl-dev libsodium-dev libsqlite3-dev


Distro Status
Arch Linux Experimental
Debian Planned


Development is currently funded by:

  • kpcyrd's savings account

Please consider supporting the project.




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