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Rust Bookmark (d)Menu is a dmenu/ncurses based interface to manage bookmarks independently of your web browser. It also supports file/folder bookmarks

Find a TUI version of RBMenu here


  • Insert Bookmark
  • List Bookmark(s) [With coloured output]
  • Remove Bookmark
  • Edit Bookmarks
  • Copy to clipboard (Available on rbmenu-tui)


Location of Bookmark file ? The Bookmark file for rbmenu is stored in ~/.local/share/rbmenu/

File format of the file ? The Bookmark file is stored in json format.

More features ? Yes, more features are on the way. Some planned ones are, groups for bookmarks


rbmenu is available on crates.io

Arch Linux : Available on AUR, rbmenu for manual compilation from release and rbmenu-bin for precompiled binary

Manual Installation

  • Install the rust toolchain. cargo should be on the $PATH
  • Clone the repo: git clone https://github.com/DevHyperCoder/rbmenu.git. Change directory (cd) into the rbmenu folder
  • Build the code: cargo build --release
  • Copy the binary to a location on $PATH. Binary is in ./target/release/rbmenu
  • For operation with cargo, cargo run -- <options>.

CLI - Options

Option / Flags Description
-h --help Prints help information
-V Prints version information
-n --name Name of the bookmark
-i --id Id of the bookmark
-u --url Url of the bookmark
-l --show-link Show link of the bookmark

CLI - Subcommands

| Subcommands | | | list | List all bookmarks | | insert | Add new bookmark | | update | Update bookmarks | | remove | List all bookmarks |


Scripts working with dmenu or rofi would be published soon. Insert a new bookmark

  • -n is the name of the bookmark. (Not required as if not provided, the domain name is used)
  • -u is the link of the bookmark.

rbmenu insert -u "https://domain.com" -n "Name"

List bookmarks

Without the name option, rbmenu list displays all the available bookmarks. Give a regex string to the -n flag to filter out the bookmarks

  • -n is the name of the bookmark.
  • -i is the id of the bookmark.

rbmenu list -n "git*"

To just get the link of a bookmark, use the -l option.

rbmenu list -n "git*" -l will return just the links of the bookmarks.

Remove Bookmark

  • -n is the name of the bookmark.
  • -i is the id of the bookmark.

Update Bookmark

  • -n is the name of the bookmark.
  • -u is the link of the bookmark.
  • -i is the id of the bookmark. REQUIRED


RBMenu is licensed under the GPL-3 license.


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