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This is an adapter for the Radicle CI broker, for performing CI runs locally. This means it reads a JSON message from its stdin, and writes two JSON messages to its stdout. Its configured via a configuration file specified in the RADICLE_NATIVE_CI environment variable. There is currently no logging.

The CI run is performed locally, without any isolation. This is not safe and secure, but it's simple, and easy to get working. Do not use this unless you trust the repository and its dependencies.

The repository must contain a file ./radicle/native.yaml that specifies how CI is run for the repository. For example:

shell: |
  cargo test --locked --workspace


See the documentation directory for an architecture document.


The adapter requires the RADICLE_NATIVE_CI environment variable to be set to the filename of a configuration file in YAML. For example:

state: /srv/http
log: /home/_rad/native-ci.log

The fields are:

  • state --- required, directory where per-run directories are stored
  • log --- required, file where native CI should write a log
  • timeout --- optional, maximum duration of the run, in seconds


There is simple, simplistic, rudimentary, personal-use-only packaging for Debian in the debian directory, used by Lars to build packages for his own use.

Running tests

To run the test suite for the CI broker:

cargo test

(The usual way, for a Rust program.)

Also, there is .radicle/native.yaml for testing this with itself in Radicle CI. You may want to run those manually.


Radicle native CI is distributed under the terms of both the MIT license and the Apache License (Version 2.0).



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