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Crypto Portfolio and Tax Reporting Tool

Raccoin makes it easy to see the current state and the history of your crypto portfolio and generates relevant reports for declaring capital gain income tax. It currently works in EUR using the FIFO method, but since it is open source anyone can extend it to suit their needs.

Supported Formats

CSV Formats

Raccoin can import CSV files exported from the following sources:


Raccoin can also synchronize wallets from certain blockchains directly. Currently, adding these wallets requires manually editing the portfolio JSON file since the UI for adding them still needs to be written. Supported are:


Transactions can be exported to JSON and can also be imported from that format again.


This application was written in Rust using the excellent Slint UI framework.

Codeium has been a major help, especially since I was still relatively new to Rust.

Thanks to my wife for suggesting "Raccoin", which is a combination of "raccoon" and "coin" and for helping me with the icon. Raccoons are known to be smart animals, and you'd be smart to use Raccoin!

built with Codeium


~1.5M SLoC