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A command line tool for managing financial investment portfolios written in Rust

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A command line tool for managing financial investment portfolios written in Rust.

This project is the modern successor of finance.


You can install portfolio_rs directly from cargo (via crates.io:

cargo install portfolio_rs


1. Create your portfolio file

Create a JSON file with your portfolio positions.

Look at the example data for the format and data scheme.

2. Use the subcommands to gain insight on your portfolio:

Show the current balances of your portfolio:

portfolio_rs balances <JSON_FILE>

Show the current allocation of your portfolio:

portfolio_rs allocation <JSON_FILE>

Show the performance of your portfolio:

portfolio_rs performance <JSON_FILE>

If you need help, try portfolio_rs help [SUBCOMMAND] for usage information.




Upon first run, portfolio_rs will create a default config.yml file. The location of the config file depends on the operating system. Use portfolio_rs config to print the config directory.

Probably the most useful entry in the config is portfolio_file where you can set the absolute path to a data file that will be used when no data file is passed as an argument.

Bonus: GPG Encryption

This tool supports (gpg) encrypted json files. Decrypted values are never written to disk.

# you will need a valid gpg key in ~/.gnupg/
portfolio_rs [COMMAND] data.json.gpg

Pro Tip: Use a plugin like vim-gnupg for editing your data file.


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