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build windows_exe_info

A cargo build script library for adding file information to windows executables

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0.4.2 Jan 24, 2024
0.4.1 Nov 5, 2023
0.3.0 Jun 17, 2023
0.2.1 May 28, 2023

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windows exe info

A Cargo build script library to handle inclusion of Windows icons, version information and application manifests without the use of external .rc files.

Inspired by and using embed_resource. Use embed_resource when the windres command is not on PATH.

Generic image format conversion requires imagemagick. Imagemagick needs to be in PATH for the conversion functions to work. If imagemagick is not found, the build script will fail.

The only icon format available without imagemagick is .ico.

This crate only works on windows as resource scripts are a windows thing. By default it will check whether it is compiling for windows and will ignore linking calls otherwise. Build_cfg is required for cross architecture compilation.


  • build_cfg: use build_cfg to target the correct architecture
  • embed_resource: use embed_resource crate for selecting .rc compiler
  • icon_ico: basic icon linking
  • icon_placeholder: add a placeholder todo icon
  • icon_png: png format support using imagemagick
  • icon_magick: generic format support using imagemagick
  • icon_autodetect: autodetect icon format by file extension and use specific conversion function (ico, png or magick)
  • manifest: allow embedding Windows application manifest xml files in the executable
    the manifest feature is not required to embed version information or an icon
  • versioninfo: allow adding windows version information to the executable
  • windows_only: check if the compilation target is windows and do not link if otherwise

The default features are embed_resource, icon_ico, icon_placeholder, versioninfo and windows_only

breaking changes


  • none


  • add windows_only feature by default to prevent linking against non windows operating systems


  • icon_xxx, icon_svg and icon_xcf all have been replaced by icon_magick
  • the manifest feature is now optional


add this crate to your build-dependencies

In Cargo.toml

# the rest of the [package] section
build = "build.rs"

windows_exe_info = "0.4"
  • adding an icon (.ico)

In build.rs

extern crate windows_exe_info;
fn main(){
  • adding version information based on cargo's environment variables

In build.rs choose one of these options

extern crate windows_exe_info;
fn main(){
    // simple option 1
    // simple option 2
    // advanced option
        Some("company name"),
    // these three function calls do effectively the same but are required only once
  • adding version information manually

In build.rs

extern crate windows_exe_info;
fn main(){
    use windows_exe_info::versioninfo::*;
    // Change these attributes as you need
    VersionInfo {
        file_version: Version(0, 1, 0, 0),
        product_version: Version(0, 1, 0, 0),
        file_flag_mask: FileFlagMask::Win16,
        file_flags: FileFlags {
            debug: false,
            patched: false,
            prerelease: false,
            privatebuild: false,
            infoinferred: false,
            specialbuild: false,
        file_os: FileOS::Windows32,
        file_type: FileType::App,
        file_info: vec![FileInfo {
            lang: Language::USEnglish,
            charset: CharacterSet::Multilingual,
            comment: None,
            company_name: "".into(),
            file_description: "An example build script".into(),
            file_version: "".into(),
            internal_name: "example".into(),
            legal_copyright: None,
            legal_trademarks: None,
            original_filename: "example.exe".into(),
            product_name: "Example".into(),
            product_version: "".into(),
            private_build: None,
            special_build: None,

add the manifest feature in Cargo.toml

windows_exe_info = {version = "0.4", features = ["manifest"]}

In build.rs

extern crate windows_exe_info;
fn main(){


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