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Offline quiz game

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0.1.0-alpha May 22, 2023
0.0.0 May 1, 2023

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Note This project is still in its very early stages of development so its not yet released or functional

This is the improved version of my Quizler app which is intended to be a real time quiz application similar to Kahoot but OpenSource and able to be played offline over LAN.

This version aims to improve upon the downfalls of the previous app (Written in Go) along with providing new features. I aim to make this version more stable and performant using my better understanding of the Rust language.

This new version makes use of Rust for the backend and Svelte for the frontend. The previous version used Go for the backend and VueJS for the frontend.

Planned New Features

  • Multiple question types, this new version aims to add multiple new question types to choose from:
    • Question with multiple choice but only 1 is right
    • Multiple choice question with multiple right answers
  • Customizable timings, you will be able to customize the time given for each question, the time between questions, the time available for bonus scoring.
  • Customizible scoring, you will be able to decide the minimum and maximum score that can be earned for a question based on the time it took to answer along with customizing the amount of score gained if answered within the bonus period.


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