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AQT-backend for the qoqo/roqoqo quantum toolkit by HQS Quantum Simulations.

The qoqo_aqt/roqoqo-aqt packages provide backends for qoqo/roqoqo that allow the users to run quantum circuits on AQT simulators or AQT hardware. AQT endpoints (simulators or hardware) are accessed via a web-interface. To run circuits with these backends the user needs a valid access token for the AQT services and an internet connection.

This repository contains two components:

  • The qoqo_aqt backend for the qoqo python interface to roqoqo
  • The roqoqo-aqt backend for roqoqo directly


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AQT-backend for the qoqo quantum toolkit by HQS Quantum Simulations.

A short tutorial can be found in Tutorial_qoqo.md in the git repository.


On macOS on x86 precompiled packages can be found on PyPi and installed via

pip install qoqo_aqt

At the moment an issue with building manylinux python wheels prevents us from distributing precompiled packages for linux. For now please use the same method as for other platforms to install qoqo_aqt on linux.

For other platforms we recommend checking out the latest tagged version from github and using the maturin tool to build a python package for qoqo locally and install it via pip. Please note that the package should be built from the top level directory of the workspace selecting the qoqo package with the -m qoqo/Cargo.toml option. Specifically for macOS on Apple Silicon the following build command should be used.

RUSTFLAGS="-C link-arg=-undefined -C link-arg=dynamic_lookup" maturin build -m qoqo_aqt/Cargo.toml  --release
pip install target/wheels/$NAME_OF_WHEEL

A source distribution now exists but requires a Rust install with a rust version > 1.47 and a maturin version { >= 0.12, <0.13 } in order to be built.


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AQT-Backend for the roqoqo quantum toolkit by HQS Quantum Simulations.

A short tutorial can be found in Tutorial_roqoqo.md in the git repository.

General Notes

This software is still in the beta stage. Functions and documentation are not yet complete and breaking changes can occur.

This project is partly supported by PlanQK.


We welcome contributions to the project. If you want to contribute code, please have a look at CONTRIBUTE.md for our code contribution guidelines.


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