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A rust implementation of the python ‘input’ function

4 releases (breaking)

✓ Uses Rust 2018 edition

0.8.0 Jan 13, 2020
0.7.0 Jan 13, 2020
0.6.0 Jan 13, 2020
0.5.0 Jan 13, 2020

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MIT license



A simple pure-rust implementation of python's input function.


There is currently only one function, the input function.

Input Function

The input function takes one parameter, a string which is printed to the console as a prompt to the user.

Example Code

Add the following to your Cargo.toml file

python-input = "0.8.0"

Add the following to your rust file(s)

extern crate python_input;

use python_input::input;

fn main() {
  let name = input("What is your name? ");
  let age = input("How old are you? ");

  println!("Hello {}, you are {} years old.", name, age);

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