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Catppuccin Puccinier


If you wrote a v1 or v2 Catppuccin theme, you may use Puccinier to automatically create the rest of the v2 themes. Puccinier supports the conversion of properly formatted hex, rgb, and hsl colors (case insensitive).

Installation with Cargo, Nix, or from source:

$ cargo install puccinier
# to install from source:
$ cargo install --git https://github.com/catppuccin/toolbox puccinier
# there's also a Nix flake:
$ nix run github:catppuccin/toolbox#puccinier -- <source> --flags


Parameter Description
source The source file to convert
--output Set the themes to generate from the source file (one of latte, frappe, macchiato, mocha).
--silent Disable showing which parts of the file were replaced.
--help Prints help information.


Copyright © 2021-present Catppuccin Org


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