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Simple rendering of mustache templates

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A builder for base16 and base24 templates using the 0.11.0 builder specification.

This crate contains a command-line tool to build base16 and base24 templates. It is also a library crate which you can use to directly build templates within your own Rust application.

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cargo install tinted-builder-rust


brew tap tinted-theming/tinted
brew install tinted-builder-rust


Download the relevant binary from the repository releases page.

Basic Usage

tinted-builder-rust sync # To sync with latest schemes
tinted-builder-rust build path/to/base16-template


The following is a table of the available subcommands for the CLI tool (tinted-builder-rust), including the descriptions and any notable arguments.

Subcommand Description Arguments Example Usage
sync Installs and or updates latest schemes. - tinted-builder-rust sync
build Builds the themes of a template. template_path: Path to template directory. tinted-builder-rust build ./path/to/base16-template


Flag/Option Description Applicable Subcommands Default Value Example Usage
--schemes-dir -s Path to a custom local schemes directory to use when building. Only necessary if the latest schemes repository is not desired. build tinted-builder-rust build . --schemes-dir=/path/to/schemes/dir
--data-dir -d Specifies a custom path for the data directory. All Linux: $XDG_DATA_HOME/tinted-theming/tinted-builder-rust or ~/.local/share. MacOS: ~/Library/Application\ Support/tinted-theming/tinted-builder-rust tinted-builder-rust sync --data-dir /path/to/custom/data-dir
--help -h Displays help information for the subcommand. All - tinted-builder-rust --help, tinted-builder-rust build --help, etc
--version -V Shows the version of tinted-builder-rust. All - tinted-builder-rust --version

Builder specification

tinted-builder-rust implements the 0.11.0 builder specification. This specification details the scheme yaml format or schema as well as the variables the builder should provide when rendering template mustache file. Have a look at the builder specification document for more details.


Contributions are welcome! Have a look at CONTRIBUTING.md for more information.


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