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A smalll no-dependency library to get a "Press any key to continue" console prompt

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Press any button to continue

Small crate that gives an easy access to the classic Windows "Press any key to continue" console prompt.

There is currently no way to implement this using Rust's standard library. The closest you can get is to read one character from stdin but the user has to press "ENTER" to do that so you essentially get "Press ENTER to continue..." doing like this:

println!("Press ENTER to continue...");
let buffer = &mut [0u8];

This crate provides only one method called wait which progresses on any keypress.

fn main() {
    println!("Hello world!");
    press_btn_continue::wait("Press any key to continue...").unwrap();


As of now this library only compiles on Windows but I'd be happy to add support for other platforms as well later on.


There are no external dependencies. I try to keep this library as lightweight and transparent as possible (easy to review, and adds very little to compile times).

No runtime deps