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0.3.1 May 11, 2020
0.3.0 Apr 6, 2020
0.2.8 Apr 2, 2020
0.2.7 Mar 31, 2020
0.1.0 Feb 22, 2020

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My Competitive Programming Library for AtCoder

under developing…



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output tool for generic object for competitive programming

In your Cargo.toml

prcn_lib = "0.2"

To use(include) prelude…

use prcn_lib::prelide::*;


  • Write a document and example for practical way


Major Update for v0.3.x

I'm glad to send you a major update of this Library !

In April 5th, In AtCoder, the judge system update was tested and we found it will apply in very sooner. Rust version update from 1.15.0 into 1.42.0. So, we can use a recent feature of Rust and useful and essential crate. Also, this Library uses a lot of Rust feature of edition 2018. Because of this, we cannot copy-paste this code to submit files without via binary. These restrictions has made me troublesome. But new judge system is further comfortable for Rust AtCoder users. Thanks to Language Update contributor.

As celebrating of this, I have released the new versoin of prcn_lib !

Most change from this version is

  • More rich data-structure
  • Re-export of crates following to AtCoder environment

We will trying to improve this Library more efficient and useful. Please following!


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