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A linter to lint Plow ttl documents (interpreted as ontologies)

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0.2.9 Mar 16, 2023
0.2.8 Dec 6, 2022
0.2.7 Nov 1, 2022
0.2.6 Oct 5, 2022
0.1.0 Jul 11, 2022

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Package management

In our dependency management system, there are 4 main "artifacts"

  • The input ontology file
  • The ontology metadata (extracted from the ontology file), which includes among others:
    • The name of the ontology
    • The version of the ontology
    • The dependencies of the ontology (name + version specification of each)
  • The dependency lockfile (generated from the metadata + data from the registry), which contains a set of resolved dependencies
  • The materialized workspace (generated from lockfile + downloads from registry):
    • Modified input ontology file that contains OWL imports to the specified dependencies
    • Downloaded dependencies
    • Catalog file, that helps Protege to find the downloaded dependencies


For a full documentation of the package management process see doc_process.


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