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Play MIDI files from the command line

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0.9.6 Mar 7, 2022
0.9.4 Dec 22, 2021
0.9.3 Oct 18, 2021

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A command line MIDI player with an embedded synthesizer.


Windows: With Scoop

First add my bucket to scoop:
scoop bucket add insomnia https://github.com/inssomnimus/scoop-bucket

Update scoop:
scoop update

Install the app:
scoop install plmidi

Download a pre-built release binary

Grab a binary for your platform from the releases page.

BYOB: Build Your Own Binary

Feature Flags

  • --features=system: Enable playback through MIDI out devices registered on the system.
  • --features=system-jack: Same with system but uses the Jack backend.
  • --features=winrt: Same with system except it uses the WinRT backend. Note that currently WinRT does not recognize OmniMidi or Virtual Midi Synth so I wouldn't recommend it.
  • --features=fluid: Enable fluidlite as a built-in MIDI synthesizer (requires libfluidlite and pkg-config to be present on your system).
  • --features=fluid-bundled: Enable fluidlite as a built-in MIDI synthesizer; use the bundled library. This feature is enabled by default.

You need an up to date rust toolchain installed.

On *NIX systems, you also need alsa development libraries:

# Debian and derivatives
apt install libasound2-dev

# RHEL and derivatives
dnf install alsa-lib-devel

To use the jack backend, you also need jack development libraries:

# Debian and derivatives
apt install libjack-jackd2-dev
# RHEL and derivatives
dnf install jack-audio-connection-kit-devel

You can install from crates.io: cargo install plmidi --features system

Or, you can clone it:

# to install after a git clone
git clone https://github.com/insomnimus/plmidi
cd plmidi
git checkout main
cargo install --path .
# To enable the system apis via the `jack` backend:
cargo install --path . --features system-jack
# To disable built-in fluidsynth support:
cargo install --path . --features system --no-default-features


  • plmidi foo.mid
  • (If the system feature is enabled) plmidi --device 2 foo.mid
  • (If the fluid feature is enabled) plmidi --fluidsynth ~/soundfonts/some-soundfont.sf2 foo.mid


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