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Programming Languages Intermediate RepresentatiON


pliron is an extensible compiler IR framework, inspired by MLIR and written in safe Rust.

Build and Test

  • Install the rust toolchain.

  • cargo build and cargo test should build the compiler and run the testsuite.

  • To see a simple IR constructed (by the print_simple test), use the following command:

    cargo test print_simple -- --show-output

    It should print something like:

    builtin.module @bar {
        builtin.func @foo: builtin.function <() -> (builtin.integer <si64>)> {
            c0 = builtin.constant 0x0: builtin.integer <si64>
            llvm.return c0

Using the Library

pliron is currently in a nascent stage and not yet useful for real-world use. In the future it can be used by just adding a dependence to the crate in your Rust project.



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