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zkSync Era: LLVM Framework Builder

zkSync Era zkEVM is Ethereum’s most user-centric ZK-rollup

zkSync Era is a layer 2 rollup that uses zero-knowledge proofs to scale Ethereum without compromising on security or decentralization. As it's EVM-compatible (with Solidity/Vyper), 99% of Ethereum projects can redeploy without needing to refactor or re-audit any code. zkSync Era also uses an LLVM-based compiler that will eventually enable developers to write smart contracts in popular languages such as C++ and Rust.

This repository contains the builder of the EraVM fork of the LLVM framework.


This library is distributed under the terms of either

at your option.


zkSync Era has been through extensive testing and audits, and although it is live, it is still in alpha state and will undergo further audits and bug bounty programs. We would love to hear our community's thoughts and suggestions about it! It's important to note that forking it now could potentially lead to missing important security updates, critical features, and performance improvements.


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