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LLVM Dialect for pliron

This crate provides the following functionality:

  1. Dialect definitions of LLVM ops, types and attributes.
  2. A wrapper around inkwell, converting b/w our LLVM dialect and inkwell's LLVM representation.

The latter uses llvm-sys, which requires LLVM to be installed on your system.

We currently support LLVM-17, and hence LLVM-17 needs to be on your computer. On Ubuntu, this means, you require the libllvm17 and libpolly-17-dev packages.

llvm-opt tool

The llvm-opt binary is provided to enable parsing LLVM bitcode binaries into pliron's LLVM dialect and to emit LLVM bitcode back from the dialect.

Example usage:

  1. Compile fib.c into LLVM-IR:

    $clang-17 -c -emit-llvm -o /tmp/fib.bc tests/resources/fib.c

  2. Convert the LLVM bitcode to LLVM dialect in pliron and back to LLVM bitcode (the binary llvm-opt, produced in your cargo's target directory must be in $PATH):

    $llvm-opt -S -i /tmp/fib.bc -o /tmp/fib.opt.ll

  3. Compile the output fibonacci LLVM-IR, along with a main function into a binary:

    $clang-17 -o /tmp/fib /tmp/fib.out.ll tests/resources/fib-main.c

  4. Run the fibonacci binary to see the first few fibonacci numbers printed.


        fib(0): 0
        fib(1): 0
        fib(2): 1
        fib(3): 1
        fib(4): 2

Note: Implementation of the LLVM dialect is not complete, and the above is just a proof-of-concept.


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