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Library for communication with Plex server. Work in progress, not ready for any use. See github for details.

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0.0.11 Jun 2, 2023
0.0.10 May 19, 2023
0.0.9 Mar 30, 2023
0.0.5 Jan 6, 2023
0.0.0 Jan 10, 2019

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Work in progress

At the moment library provides some basic functionality and can be used with caution. Breaking changes are expected with every release at this stage.

Huge thanks to @Mossop for all his contributions.

My goal (not sure, when I would be able to achieve it, or even if I'll achieve it) is to create an API, similar to python-plexapi. Actually, my final goal is to rewrite my plexiglas project into Rust from Python :) And to "simplify" the task I've decided to have a separate project with the API.

Any help is welcome. And just in case: I'm far from being an expert in Rust, so if you know how to do things in proper, Rust-way — feel free to create an issue (or, better, pull-request) to correct the code.

Library status

  • MyPlex access
    • Authentication using Token, Login+Password or Login+Password+OTP
    • Listing known devices and connecting to them via MyPlex object
    • Requesting Claim Token
    • Changing privacy settings
    • Controling webhooks
    • Link Codes support
    • Sharing: accepting/rejecting friendship, inviting somebody, sharing a server
    • Working with Plex announcements
    • Switching to another Plex Home user
    • Watchlist
    • Creating/changing managed users
    • ???
  • Player access
    • Connecting to the player (directly or via server)
    • Doing anything useful
  • Basic server access
    • Navigating the libraries
    • Downloading media
    • Transcoding
    • Managing the server preferences
  • Advanced server access
    • Managing the libraries
    • Changing items' metadata
    • Changing items' preferences (e.g. metadata language)
    • Listening for the server's events/alers
    • Server stats reading
    • Managing optimized versions of media
    • ???

Supported plex versions

The codebase is regularly tested against three different PMS versions. The exact list of the releases is generated automatically on a daily basis, to keep up with all the recent PMS versions. We take every other minor release from the latest 5 minor releases. At the moment the following versions are tested:



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Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you, as defined in the Apache-2.0 license, shall be licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.

You can find the contribution documentation in the CONTRIBUTING.md file.


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