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Convenient file and directory operations with progress reporting built on top of std::fs

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Convenient file and directory operations built on top of std::fs with improved error handling. Includes copying or moving files and directories with progress reporting.

Main features

  • copying or moving files and directories with in-depth configuration options (including IO buffering settings, copying depth, etc.),
  • copying or moving files and directories with progress reporting, if needed,
  • scanning directories with depth and other options, and
  • calculating file or directory sizes.


To add fs-more into your project, specify it as a dependency in your Cargo.toml file:

fs-more = "0.3.0"


Copying a file and getting updates on the progress:

use std::path::Path;
use fs_more::error::FileError;
use fs_more::file::FileCopyWithProgressOptions;

let source_path = Path::new("./source-file.txt");
let target_path = Path::new("./target-file.txt");

let bytes_copied = fs_more::file::copy_file_with_progress(
    |progress| {
        let percent_copied =
            (progress.bytes_finished as f64) / (progress.bytes_total as f64)
            * 100.0;
        println!("Copied {:.2}% of the file!", percent_copied);

println!("Copied {bytes_copied} bytes!");

Moving a directory and getting updates on the progress:

use std::path::Path;
use fs_more::error::DirectoryError;
use fs_more::directory::DirectoryMoveWithProgressOptions;
use fs_more::directory::TargetDirectoryRule;

let source_path = Path::new("./source-directory");
let target_path = Path::new("./target-directory");

let moved = fs_more::directory::move_directory_with_progress(
    DirectoryMoveWithProgressOptions {
        target_directory_rule: TargetDirectoryRule::AllowEmpty,
    |progress| {
        let percent_moved =
            (progress.bytes_finished as f64) / (progress.bytes_total as f64)
            * 100.0;
            "Moved {:.2}% of the directory ({} files and {} directories so far).",

    "Moved {} bytes ({} files, {} directories)! Underlying strategy: {:?}.",

Feature flags

The following feature flags are available:

  • fs-err: enables fs-err support, which means more helpful underlying IO error messages (though fs-more already provides many on its own).
  • miette: derives miette::Diagnostic on all error types, allowing users to conveniently call e.g. wrap_err on the error.

Project status

This crate evolved out of a general frustration with the fs_extra library and aims to cover many of the same goals with - hopefully - better documentation and tests.

The majority of features needed in day-to-day use are present. For now, I plan on keeping the version below 1.0.0 to imply that this hasn't gone though a lot.

fs-more does lack some thorough battle-testing - as such, use it with a reasonable caution and testing. However, quite a number of unit, doc and integration tests have been written. They cover a wide array of the base functionality, but fringe cases might not be covered yet — contributions are welcome. The test harness is available in subcrates/test-harness.

How to contribute

Found a bug or just want to improve fs-more by developing new features or writing tests? Awesome! Start by going over the contribution guide: CONTRIBUTING.md.

Missing features

Contributions for the ideas below are most welcome!

Some of these ideas and/or missing features are simpler, some are more of a long shot. However, note that even though they are stated below, they probably haven't been thought out deeply enough. If you decide to contribute, it would probably be best to first open an issue so various approaches can be discussed before something is developed.

  • Cross-platform: allow copying file and directory permissions.

    This partially already exists in some functions, but it inconsistent across the API. The reason is that std::fs::copy already copies permission bits, but we don't use that in several places, since copying with progress reporting makes using std::fs::copy impossible. Ideally, we should expose a new option through the existing *Options structs and make this consistent.

    I think this should be reasonably simple to do, but it might take some thinking about edge cases and implementing some platform-specifics (i.e. on Windows, we probably want to copy the hidden file flag, etc).

  • On Unix: allow copying file and directory owners and groups.

    Depending on how deep the implementation rabbit-hole goes, perhaps using file-owner or nix could suffice? Perhaps we should feature-gate these kinds of things so the average user doesn't need to pull in so many dependencies?

  • Cross-platform: allow copying creation/access/modification time of files and directories (across the entire API). This could also include various other metadata.

    Ideally, this should be highly configurable through the existing *Options structs. This might take some more work though due to various platform differences (see: Unix, Linux, Windows).

    It might be more feasible to simply delegate this to some existing crate, i.e. filetime (but this one covers only timestamps). Perhaps we should start with just creation/access/modification timestamps and expand later?

  • On Windows: allow copying the ACL of files and directories.

    This seems like a long shot and would need some concrete use cases before proceeding. Maybe windows-acl could help? If this feature is to be developed, I think we should not expose any underlying ACL API and allow purely for mirroring it when copying or moving. This should almost definitely be under a feature flag.


Inspired by fs_extra

fs-more is very much not a fork, but its API surface has been partially inspired by parts of the fs_extra library - thank you!


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