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Scrape and download media from Piccoma/ピッコマ

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PiconBiere - Scrape and download media from Piccoma/ピッコマ



  • PiconBiere was made for the sole purpose of helping users download media from Piccoma for offline consumption. This is for private use only, do not use this tool to promote piracy.
  • PiconBiere only support the French version of Piccoma (at least for now)


PiconBiere scrape images from Piccoma website.


Pre-compiled binaries can be downloaded from the Releases page.

Alternatively, PiconBiere can be installed from Cargo, via the following command:

cargo install piconbiere

PiconBiere can be built from source using the latest stable or nightly Rust. This is primarily useful for developing on PiconBiere.

git clone https://github.com/TehUncleDolan/piconbiere.git
cd piconbiere
cargo build --release
cp target/release/piconbiere /usr/local/bin

PiconBiere follows Semantic Versioning.


PiconBiere is a command-line utility. Basic usage looks similar to the following.

To download a single episode from a serie, using guest mode:

piconbiere --serie 208 --number 1

To download a single volume from a serie, using your account:

piconbiere --serie 208 --number 1 --type volume --user foo@email.com

--user is used to login with your account in order to access the media you've bought (you'll be prompted for your password).

--number can be repeated in order to download multiple episodes (or volumes) in single run.

For example, to download the episodes 1, 3 and 8:

piconbiere --serie 208 -n 1 -n 3 -n 8

Finally, you can download every episode of a serie with:

piconbiere --serie 208 -u foo@email.com

Or, every volume (when --type is not specified it defaults to episode)::

piconbiere --serie 208 -t volume -u foo@email.com

For more advanced options, please consult the help:

piconbiere -h


PiconBiere has been inspired by Pyccoma and piccoma-downloader


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