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A complete async/sync typed MyAnimeList v2 api

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0.1.14 Apr 28, 2024
0.1.13 Apr 27, 2024

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MyAnimeList Rust Api

A fully typed Rust MyAnimeList api

Currently this has full coverage of the following apis:

  • anime
  • manga
  • user_animelist
  • user_mangalist
  • user
  • forum

The api is fully async, but has a blocking api for those who need sync (use the *_blocking function variants instead).

To get api client id and secret - which is required to use this - sign up for an app at https://myanimelist.net/apiconfig

For help understanding this api and how it works, please carefully read mal api docs at https://myanimelist.net/apiconfig/references/api/v2

Rate limiting is unspecified in mal api, but in practice you should do no more than 1 query/s

let client = ClientBuilder::new().client_id("your-id").client_secret("secret").redirect_url("your-url").build().unwrap();

// if you want to create your token with a scope, add scope before generating a token
// mal should add this by default, so I don't think adding this manually is needed

// this requires a webserver to receive the oauth code+state for regenerate
// set your own custom callback for production usage
client.auth.set_callback(|url, state| async {
    // the url passed in is the one the client needs to navigate to

    // receive the state on your webserver, compare it to the received state above
    // to ensure it's valid and the right client. if you return wrong state, the
    // regenerate api will fail due to security check

    // get the code / state and return it
    (AuthorizationCode::new("".to_owned()), CsrfToken::new("".to_owned()))

// regenerate tokens from scratch

// if you have a refresh key, you can exchange it for an access token

// you can automatically try to refresh it if access token expired
// if no refresh token exists, it will regenerate the whole thing

// you can also set the access/refresh token manually if you need to
// set the time from Instant::now() after which access token expires

// use the api

// for more information on the api, see their api docs:
// https://myanimelist.net/apiconfig/references/api/v2
// this api follows a builder pattern, and follows their api
// it should be relatively intuitive to use
// view mal docs to see if your token needs a scope or not,
// and for information on what the routes do

Warning: This crate may change api between versions before 1.0 as the api is fleshed out.

If you see any bugs, please report them. Mostly these may be instances "null" appears in the api but was assumed to always exist in the deserialized types. While this was quickly tested with a bit of data to hopefully get a complete picture, this is not guaranteed to be always correct. Other than that, it should be feature complete and working.


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