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yanked pf_cli

CLI client for PF Sandbox

Uses old Rust 2015

0.1.0 May 7, 2017

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GPL-3.0 license


PF Sandbox Build Status

A platform fighter featuring a character editor tightly integrated with gameplay.

OS/Controller requirements

  • Windows 10: Xbox controllers + native GC adapter
  • Other Windows: Unsupported
  • Linux: All controllers + native GC adapter
  • Mac OS: Unsupported

You cannot use a keyboard to play, you must use a controller.


  • Package system used to distribute complete games that run on PF Sandbox
    • A package includes:
      • Fighters
      • Stages
      • Rules - Set game mode and mechanics e.g. game length, stock count, l-canceling, ledge-hog mechanic
      • A url specifying where to download updates
    • Package data is serialized into multiple files stored in a folder, allowing individual characters/stages to be easily copied between packages
  • Powerful Fighter/Stage editor
    • Make edits in the middle of a match
    • Use the mouse to select elements for editing.
    • Command line used for viewing/setting selected elements
    • Keyboard shortcuts and click and drag where applicable
  • Replays that do not desync on character/mechanics/physics changes
  • Controller support including Native Wii U -> GC adapter Support
  • TAS Tools
  • Netplay
  • Minimalist but visually appealing graphics


  • Advanced features need not be beginner Friendly (e.g. editor/frame advance/replays/TAS)
  • Ability to recreate other platform fighters does not overrule other advantages (e.g. 2D hitboxes instead of 3D hitboxes)
  • Restricting character graphics to only hitboxes reduces scope for development of the project and development of packages

CI Infrastructure

We build and test on:

  • Rust stable/nightly - Linux 64 bit (Travis)
  • Rust stable/nightly GNU - Windows 64 bit (Appveyor)

We build and test when:

  • All incoming pull requests are built and tested.
  • Every commit merged to master is built, tested and then an incrementing tag/release is created for it.

No runtime deps