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compresses, inspects, and decompres pco data

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You can compress, decompress, and inspect standalone .pco files using the CLI. Follow this setup:

  1. Install Rust: https://www.rust-lang.org/tools/install
  2. cargo install pco_cli

This provides you with the pcodec command.

Command Info

You can always get help, e.g. pcodec, pcodec compress --help.


This command runs benchmarks, taking in data you provide and printing out compression time, decompression time, and compression ratio for whatever codecs you request.

pcodec bench --parquet my_input_data.parquet
pcodec bench \
  --csv my_input_data.csv \
  --csv-has-header \
  --codecs pco:level=9,parquet:compression=zstd4 \
  --dtypes f32 \
  --datasets foo,bar \
  --iters 7 \
  --limit 999999 \
  --save-dir ./tmp
pcodec bench --binary-dir ./data

Setting up synthetic data

One way to generate test data from a wide variety of processes and distributions is from the generate_randoms.py script in the pcodec repository. To run it, set up a python3 environment with numpy installed. In that environment, cd'd in to the root of the repo, run python pco_cli/generate_randoms.py. This will populate some human-readable data in data/txt/ and the exact same numerical data as bytes in data/binary/.

Unless other input is provided, pcodec bench will search the ./data/binary/ path.


This command compresses a single column of a .csv or .parquet file into a .pco file.


pcodec compress --csv my.csv --col-name my_column out.pco
pcodec compress --parquet my.snappy.parquet --col-name my_column out.pco

pcodec compress \
  --csv my.csv \
  --col-idx 0 \
  --csv-has-header \
  --dtype u32 \
  --level 7 \
  --overwrite \

pcodec compress \
  --csv time_series.csv \
  --col-name temperature \
  --dtype f32 \
  --delta-order 3 \


This command prints numbers in a .pco file to stdout.


pcodec decompress --limit 256 in.pco


This command prints out information about a .pco file.


% pcodec inspect in.pco


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